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Featured Project

RICA Terminal

Terminal with simple user-interface used by SIM-card vendors in the field. Operates off batteries as hand-held device for a few hours or in a vendor stall or shop.

Past Projects

  1. RICA Terminal. Spill-proof QWERTY keypad and 3.5" colour display in an enclosure together with a GSM modem to RICA SIM cards.
  2. IPAV Systems. Design and develop hardware and software solution.
  3. Fuel Monitor. Small package, low-power. Monitors fuel-levels with off-the-shelf fuel-sensors. Stores fuel level data for up to 35 days sampled at 15 second intervals. Data retrieval via USB in format suitable for direct import into spreadsheet.
  4. Vehicle Tracking System with Driver Terminal. Sophisticated system with high GPRS uptime and continuous server connection, CAN-bus monitoring, accelerometer, immobiliser control.
  5. Industrial Inspection System. Design combines a multi-processor, multi-board system with real-time and GUI components. Linux on PowerPC and ARM with RTOS. Sub-systems include imaging with mega-pixel image-processing on Blackfin processors from Analog Devices. All hardware and software designed by us to customer specification.
  6. Outdoor Wireless CPE. Supports the IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g wireless LAN standards and offers exceptional bandwidth at a very low cost. Designed and developed locally in South Africa it uses the latest Intel Network Processor (IXP425) with XScale technology, running a customized, embedded version of Linux. Power is supplied using Power-Over-Ethernet. The resulting installation requires a single CAT5 cable, reducing costs and infrastructure requirements.
  7. MP3-player with GPS and FM transmitter which form a Tourism Information System. Hardware and software designed, developed and implemented by us.
  8. Vehicle Tracking Platform - analysis of existing software leading to addition of defensive coding to avoid runtime problems, bug fixes, improvements to GPS handling. Resulted in a product that is robust and reliable for GAP
  9. Software platform for Freescale MX1 for Astrata Systems. Design and implement bootloader. Port Linux kernel to this platform. Low-level drivers for LCD, GSM, USB, Keypad, Flash. Vibrator, CODEC.
  10. Atmel 91, boatloader and ported uCLinux kernel to vehicle tracking platform for Astrata Systems.
  11. Network Camera Imaging solution. This design adds audio and video streaming capabilities across a LAN, to a PXA255 processor with 64Mbytes of RAM and 32MBytes of flash memory. A CMOS imager generates 15 frames per second at 640x480 24-bit colour resolution. Software adds motion-detection and a host of other features to allow full control of multiple cameras across a network.
  12. Machine Vision Platform. Provided an Intel StrongARM-based processing platform for client EDH to host an imaging daughter-board and become their ArmCam product. Solution uses a combination of Linux and RTAI to achieve realtime processing of images.