Realtime Solutions
Harnessing the power of Open Source to deliver innovative solutions rapidly


4D is a software and product development consultancy experienced in producing high-quality device-drivers and system-level software for embedded systems.

4D is dedicated to developing world-class software and hardware products.

4D develops complete operating-system solutions for real-time embedded systems with a focus on Embedded Linux.

4D develops hardware and packages customized software to supply complete solutions.

4D is in a position to audit processes, code and designs based on decades of software architecture, design and development experience.

About 4D

Offer a range of services based on experience:
  • Software Process establishment and/or improvement
  • Software Audit for efficiency and security
  • Software Development
  • Application and low-level software for embedded devices
  • Linux Kernel device drivers
  • Machine Vision
  • Design of advanced hardware devices. We specialise in ARM and Atmel AVR.
  • Extensive system architecture, design and software development experience with:
  • GPS, vehicle tracking
  • GSM/GPRS, Telematics
  • 802.15.4/Zigbee
  • CAN-bus
  • Porting of Linux kernels to embedded platforms